5 DIY dog collars

Dog collars

Dog collars when carefully selected can really enhance the appearance of the pet and make it the star attraction amongst the crowd. It is not necessary for the owner to purchase collars for the beloved pet, since the same could be created at home with some suggestions and tips. Being creative and having some idea, is sure to help the individual to come up with collars, which not only would be attractive to look at, but also can be the perfect one for the pet.


Top DIY dog collars



It is undoubtedly the perfect one for the dog that loves some bling. The average collar can be adorned by sprinkling some pretty jewels, which is sure to add beauty and glamour to the collar. Here is how.



A bandana is sure to appear attractive and make the pooch and its owner proud. It is simple and fun to make.


Bow Tie


A bow tie can help the pooch to look fancy, smart and cute. Also it can add in that ‘wow’ factor at any dinner party.




This is another interesting idea to smart up the office style of the pup. It can be made using some attractive piece of clothing.

Name tag



Having a name tag attached to the collar can make the pet to feel proud about itself. The tag can be made in different styles and patterns which are stylish and can help to add personality to the pet.

Using the above mentioned ideas can be real fun and add charm and beauty to the pet.

Image Credits: John, Claire Gallam, Serena Faber Nelson, cesar.com, Michelle, http://www.marthastewart.com

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