5 most popular dogs on Facebook



Social media platforms, especially Facebook is now for pets too. Big thanks to present day communication power. Here are 5 most popular dogs on Facebook loved by countless people round the world..!!!

Minnie & Max

Minnie & Max

These are world known head titling pug-dogs. They gained the attention of countless admirers through famous shows including Ellen, The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Regis & Kelly and more. With more than 600,000 followers on Facebook Minnie & Max certainly made their impact so strong on facebook.

Manny the Frenchie


This is a French bulldog who said good bye to unwanted litter and made storming presence on internet as model and philanthropist. With more than 1 million fans in social media accounts he is also frequent on countless magazine covers at the same time enjoying his  own product line.



He belongs to Pomeranian category and holds two world records. One for fastest run of 5 meters on front paws another for fastest 10 meter with hind legs. With more than 1.3 million fans on facebook he also appeared in a CoverGirl commercial making him the envy of America’s Next Top Model contestants.



Boo is another Pomeranian with same hair style and is labeled as the cutest dog on the world. For the same reason of being so cute he looks just like a stuffed animal. He is one of the few dogs to enjoy great status with own action figure and enjoys 15 million plus facebook fans. There is no doubt he is surely an internet sensation.



He is a white Puli Pub famous for his relationship. He always loves to be under the guardianship of Mark Zuckerburg. With 2 million nearing fans on facebook he is enjoying a strong social media presence.

These are the top 5 dogs to rule the facebook with millions of fans.

Image Credits: Sara Cimino, Minnie & Max, Manny The Frenchie, Jiff, Boo, Beast

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